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Free contactless delivery on orders over $30 during the covid-19 restrictions. More details below.

We offer no contact Delivery

Safe and responsible deliveries!

We are providing free delivery (on orders over $30) between Greenwood and Wolfville. Just choose "delivery" from the checkout and enter your address and we'll leave your order on your doorstep. It's that easy!

*Local delivery within 5 business days*


Live in HRM? Don't dismay! We are doing deliveries to the Halifax area every Friday! Start your weekend off right.


Questions? Just ask! We're happy to try and accommodate your needs.



Our mission is to bring you a traditional Nova Scotia cider made from the highest quality local ingredients. Our cider making avoids the adding of sugars and relies on slow and cold winter fermentation in small batches. We focus on the quality of the fruit and the unique apples varieties sourced local to where we live in the Annapolis Valley region of Nova Scotia

Our Mission
"The art of making good cider is of a great simplicity."

- L de Boutteville & A. Hauchecorne - 

- Le Cidre, 1875 -

Our Story


Lovelace Corner Cidery is a project that stems from the new and old traditions of apple growing in the Annapolis Valley. We strive to use new tools with old knowledge and traditions as a means to add value to some of the more unique or forgotten apples of the region. As with many beautiful old orchards that have grown here, Lovelace Corner is a community nearby that no longer exists as it did decades ago and we hope to preserve some of this with our cider.

Our story grows from past cider making of the region that was often a simple product of the well rounded apple crops along with the enterprise of the farmers. Pressing could be done on rainy days during the harvest season then stored in one of the many wood barrels that supplied the industry. Now that the barrels themselves have rotted away the versatility of the old apple varieties can still be appreciated and the same seasonal fluctuations can be used as a part of our process. Pure whole fruit juice is the only input, no sugar or flavour additives required for a simple quality cider. 

About Us

Contact Us

254 Burgess Mtn. Rd.

Woodville, NS

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